Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Hinders to Lose Weight

Many women are disappointed with results of diet plans they followed. I want to give you some useful tips on how to lose weight and keep the result.

All diets can be divided into two groups: fast (extra slimming) and permanent (read:  life-long!)
I will not list all the diets; they are so numerous that you can lose count of them. The goal of diet plans from the first group is to lose quickly 2-5-10 kg in 1-3 weeks.  One of the most effective diets of this group is buckwheat diet. You can lose up to 12 kg per week with buckwheat diet, but normal result for an ordinary woman is 2-3 kg per week, if strongly followed.

 The main disadvantage of these diets - weight quickly returns to the previous figures, as dramatic weight loss is still a stress for your body. Organism is scared – may be a war or famine suddenly burst out – and begins to store fat quicker than before. Therefore, after such a diet you will still have to choose a diet from the second group, group of permanent diets. They, also, are numerous and the purpose of such diets - to keep the desired result. It's not even a diet, but just a way of life, so choose it responsibly.

It seems so simple! Firstly you had kept a strict diet, dropped pounds, then changed to a permanent diet and held the result. But, no such luck! Terrible dangers lurk you on the way to an ideal figure.

Danger number 1. Supermarkets are built in such a way that you have to go around the store and visit those sections in which you would never have gone being of sound mind and judgment. The shop plan is drawn up for the sole purpose: to force buyers to do more shopping. How to deal? Take basket instead of trolley. When your hand gets tired, you'll realize that it's time to stop. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach! First of all, it is better to visit the vegetable department.

Danger number 2. Snacks. We need them more as a psychological "safety valve" - they perfectly relieve tension of the work.  Co-workers drink tea – how can I be a party pooper? And why not? Let it be a tea without sugar or herbal drinks and you shall take not a sandwich or a muffin for the snack, but a piece of dark chocolate. Energizing guaranteed! No fat to body and no harm to personal relations.

Danger number 3. Recession. Mass lockouts, nobody is available for work, and you are in the office until late. Or maybe you worked till late before the recession? That’s your job like that, isn’t it? But the stress and lack of sleep lead to overeating, and just for fitness you have no time remaining. How to avoid stress? Small breaks of 10 minutes, spend this time for a somewhat enjoyable (not food!).

Danger number 4. Substantial meal after fitness workout. You say yourself: after all, I have visited the gym, I am tired, and I may regain strength, may I not? It is better if it will be a light snack. But if not long before the workout you had already eaten, then the meal after shall be an apple or other fruit that you must have with you in order not to look at the windows of groceries on your way home.

Danger number 5. Monotonous workout.  Your body adapts to the exercises so that they spend less energy. You need to change the set of exercises or even change the type of fitness from time to time.

Danger number 6. Habit of wearing loose clothing. In these clothes you won’t notice when you add on a couple extra pounds. Wear something tight, it controls you very much!

Danger number 7. You’re struggling alone. No need to lose weight in secret from everyone! That's now write in your Facebook or Twitter: I'm losing weight, who's with me? The result will be much better if someone else will control you, and even better if she would support you and join in!

Danger number  8. Perfectionism. You’re struggling against your weight with such passion that you don’t notice you're underweighed or even anorexic. Remember that the distance between overweight and anorexia can be too short. You don’t want to be like the girl on the picture in the beginning of the post, do you?