Saturday, October 26, 2013

Heart , Food and Obesity

People all over the world die from various heart diseases. Heart insufficiency due to these diseases is the leading cause of lethality in industrial countries. According to prognosis of World Health Organization cardiovascular diseases will kill about 24.8 million people in the next  15 years. Those who survive may become disabled  and governments will spend billions to support them.  Disabled persons, though being self-reliant, cannot take part in economy. So the struggle against heart disease is not only a humanitarian task, but also has a great economic importance.

Many heart diseases can be prevented without any therapy, I would say by naturopathic methods. What are these methods? In the first place it is fitness and diet. It is not a secret that overweighed people  is  a major portion  of all patients with cardiovascular diseases.  To our regret both fitness and diet require strong will, but this is quite rare thing in modern world. In addition fitness requires development of special facilities (gyms, sports grounds etc.)  and these facilities should be price-affordable or free  at all.

Diet is a key factor too. Everybody feels its importance due to the flood of advertising around. Of course the target group of this advertising is women, who want to be thin and  slim, but thanks to such adverts everybody, men included, starts to understand the importance of normal weight.  
Diet and food supplements are an effective way to struggle against overweight and, consequently, against  harmful factors that lead to heart diseases. But both diet and supplements (and often the fitness ) help to lose weight that is already gained and not to prevent the gain of overweight.

An important problem is food quality. This is main factor which causes obesity.  Meals of modern city dweller are full of hard digestible components, such as palm oil, for example. These food components hinder normal digestion, are not well absorbed by themselves. Moreover , they prevent normal food components from complete absorption by intestines. This all causes overweight and overweight causes heart problems.

Governments should prohibit use of indigestible food components or  at least to fix limits for their use.
Maybe I had to mention tobacco and alcohol as factors that cause heart diseases, but it is a such common knowledge that I scorn  to pay attention to them.

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