Monday, November 4, 2013

Weak Will is not an Obstacle

Is your will strong enough?
Internet and other mass-media are full of numerous diet plans and fitness systems, all directed to make you stronger and slimmer. Authors of these plans and systems scrupulously describe advantages and benefits of tiniest elements of their systems proclaiming their all-conquering quality.

There is no doubt – to get thinner or more robust we all need a right method of every day activity, would it be diet or workout. But do not forget that we are ordinary humans, not supermen, and WE use one or another method of health improvement and the way we use it depends on our traits of personality. I think that the key trait of personality, I’d rather say “a complex of traits”, is volition or strength of will. Just volition nourishes and empowers our intentions to take care of own health and to go for this to gym or to go on a diet.

 Unfortunately, strength of will is absent from most people. They have will, but haven’t strength of it. That’s the sad reality of today. Throw away your sorrow! The weak will is not an obstacle to losing weight or getting steel muscles. The main thing is the correct application of our weak will. There are two main parts in this notion, “correct application”, and further I’m describing them.

First. The correct choice of your target. What for most girls and women go to gyms or follow a diet? For health? No, they do it for beauty! If a woman can avoid harassing workouts or enervating diet then she does it. Because now every lady can visit a plastic surgeon and become like Marylin Monroe or Halle Berry . But plastic surgery is a self-delusion. Most of women do not strongly differ one from another in their beauty. Of course you happen to meet beauty queens above average as well as ugly bitches below average, but these extremes are quite rare. Most of women are pretty. Plastic surgeons cannot make you much more beautiful, rather they can spoil your individual traits, your personal zest. So you, who are reading this article, are beautiful. Diets and workouts you need them only for health. FOR HEALTH! Remember it! That’s your correct target. Since all we have problems with our health, even small ones, we, both men and women, have to care of our body. Diets and fitness are ways to help us in this. Since health problems turn on our biological instinct, the instinct of self-preservation which is so powerful that nothing, including “weak will” cannot resist it.

Second. Time-planning. Often we cannot find time for workouts because of too busy everyday schedule. For the same reason we cannot pay due attention to a diet plan since it often requires strict following at specific hours. This problem, the problem of insufficient time, can be resolved only step-by-step. The first step is registration of time expenditure during several weeks. In the beginning such registration can be more or less aggregative, even without specific time points. Further, in two-three weeks you will be able full table of your time expenditure and even to keep it in mind, without drawing. Second step is the moment when you find small portions of free time inside your global time expenditure. I swear you’ll find them. These portions are just the time for workouts. Instead of one long workout you will have several short ones, but exercises plan should be appropriate for training out of gym , outdoors or in office or home. There is no problem to find such plan among available abundance of workout plans. As for diets, you have to choose the simplest one that in addition does not require strict adherence to the time-table. Such diets are numerous and you easily can find them.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Hinders to Lose Weight

Many women are disappointed with results of diet plans they followed. I want to give you some useful tips on how to lose weight and keep the result.

All diets can be divided into two groups: fast (extra slimming) and permanent (read:  life-long!)
I will not list all the diets; they are so numerous that you can lose count of them. The goal of diet plans from the first group is to lose quickly 2-5-10 kg in 1-3 weeks.  One of the most effective diets of this group is buckwheat diet. You can lose up to 12 kg per week with buckwheat diet, but normal result for an ordinary woman is 2-3 kg per week, if strongly followed.

 The main disadvantage of these diets - weight quickly returns to the previous figures, as dramatic weight loss is still a stress for your body. Organism is scared – may be a war or famine suddenly burst out – and begins to store fat quicker than before. Therefore, after such a diet you will still have to choose a diet from the second group, group of permanent diets. They, also, are numerous and the purpose of such diets - to keep the desired result. It's not even a diet, but just a way of life, so choose it responsibly.

It seems so simple! Firstly you had kept a strict diet, dropped pounds, then changed to a permanent diet and held the result. But, no such luck! Terrible dangers lurk you on the way to an ideal figure.

Danger number 1. Supermarkets are built in such a way that you have to go around the store and visit those sections in which you would never have gone being of sound mind and judgment. The shop plan is drawn up for the sole purpose: to force buyers to do more shopping. How to deal? Take basket instead of trolley. When your hand gets tired, you'll realize that it's time to stop. Do not go shopping on an empty stomach! First of all, it is better to visit the vegetable department.

Danger number 2. Snacks. We need them more as a psychological "safety valve" - they perfectly relieve tension of the work.  Co-workers drink tea – how can I be a party pooper? And why not? Let it be a tea without sugar or herbal drinks and you shall take not a sandwich or a muffin for the snack, but a piece of dark chocolate. Energizing guaranteed! No fat to body and no harm to personal relations.

Danger number 3. Recession. Mass lockouts, nobody is available for work, and you are in the office until late. Or maybe you worked till late before the recession? That’s your job like that, isn’t it? But the stress and lack of sleep lead to overeating, and just for fitness you have no time remaining. How to avoid stress? Small breaks of 10 minutes, spend this time for a somewhat enjoyable (not food!).

Danger number 4. Substantial meal after fitness workout. You say yourself: after all, I have visited the gym, I am tired, and I may regain strength, may I not? It is better if it will be a light snack. But if not long before the workout you had already eaten, then the meal after shall be an apple or other fruit that you must have with you in order not to look at the windows of groceries on your way home.

Danger number 5. Monotonous workout.  Your body adapts to the exercises so that they spend less energy. You need to change the set of exercises or even change the type of fitness from time to time.

Danger number 6. Habit of wearing loose clothing. In these clothes you won’t notice when you add on a couple extra pounds. Wear something tight, it controls you very much!

Danger number 7. You’re struggling alone. No need to lose weight in secret from everyone! That's now write in your Facebook or Twitter: I'm losing weight, who's with me? The result will be much better if someone else will control you, and even better if she would support you and join in!

Danger number  8. Perfectionism. You’re struggling against your weight with such passion that you don’t notice you're underweighed or even anorexic. Remember that the distance between overweight and anorexia can be too short. You don’t want to be like the girl on the picture in the beginning of the post, do you?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Heart , Food and Obesity

People all over the world die from various heart diseases. Heart insufficiency due to these diseases is the leading cause of lethality in industrial countries. According to prognosis of World Health Organization cardiovascular diseases will kill about 24.8 million people in the next  15 years. Those who survive may become disabled  and governments will spend billions to support them.  Disabled persons, though being self-reliant, cannot take part in economy. So the struggle against heart disease is not only a humanitarian task, but also has a great economic importance.

Many heart diseases can be prevented without any therapy, I would say by naturopathic methods. What are these methods? In the first place it is fitness and diet. It is not a secret that overweighed people  is  a major portion  of all patients with cardiovascular diseases.  To our regret both fitness and diet require strong will, but this is quite rare thing in modern world. In addition fitness requires development of special facilities (gyms, sports grounds etc.)  and these facilities should be price-affordable or free  at all.

Diet is a key factor too. Everybody feels its importance due to the flood of advertising around. Of course the target group of this advertising is women, who want to be thin and  slim, but thanks to such adverts everybody, men included, starts to understand the importance of normal weight.  
Diet and food supplements are an effective way to struggle against overweight and, consequently, against  harmful factors that lead to heart diseases. But both diet and supplements (and often the fitness ) help to lose weight that is already gained and not to prevent the gain of overweight.

An important problem is food quality. This is main factor which causes obesity.  Meals of modern city dweller are full of hard digestible components, such as palm oil, for example. These food components hinder normal digestion, are not well absorbed by themselves. Moreover , they prevent normal food components from complete absorption by intestines. This all causes overweight and overweight causes heart problems.

Governments should prohibit use of indigestible food components or  at least to fix limits for their use.
Maybe I had to mention tobacco and alcohol as factors that cause heart diseases, but it is a such common knowledge that I scorn  to pay attention to them.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preschoolers and their Games

Preschool childhood is often called “the age of playing”. Psychologists and teachers consider games as the main type of activity of any kid who does not go to school. It results from social conditionality of kids’ development. The game is a special form of kids’ existence in the community which has great importance for them. It is an activity in which children perform roles of adults recreating conditions of adults’ life, work and relationship. Playing children cognize life in all its phenomena.

The games of preschoolers and  pupils of elementary school (from the age 5-6 years old up to the age of 8-9 years) are characteristic with main orientation to human relationships in contrast with games of younger children  (0-5 years old) which are mainly oriented at manipulations with inanimate things and objects. Of course preschoolers continue to perceive nonliving nature and articles around them, but human relations take most part of their games.

The games of preschoolers take the form of role-playing, the children learn be a part of children’s’ community which imitates in many traits the community of adults. Compliance with the rules becomes the main thing in the games. The rules may rapidly and often change, but they must remain in the limits of chosen roles and game “storyline”. In a collective game between real children a real relationship arises that leads in the future to individual liking and disliking, to friendship and to disaffection.

The games develop real social skills of children that is why very important not to let children often play online and computer games since these games misrepresent somehow the real life, real human relations and real properties of things.

In addition to distorted model of the world in their brains the children succumbed to the charm of on-line and computer games become physically underdeveloped since the single muscles which work during online and computer playing are eye muscles and hand muscles. These are quite tiny muscles, especially eye muscles which can easily be overloaded during the games. Eye muscles overload often leads to vision disorders and hand muscles overload can cause such unfavorable disorders as numbness of fingers or cramps.

So it is highly recommendable that children under 8 years were not using computer at all even for learning purposes. From time to time a computer can be used as a movie or music center, but in this case a child has to be at a reasonable distance from it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pop(e) Idol Smokes Dope

Last news about Justin Bieber who appeared to smoke weed as it did many others stars before him, both singers and movie actors, shocked public another time. Shocked, but added popularity to Justin among youth.  One of popular comedians, Tommy Chong said in the sense that smoking marijuana is good for talent. I don't know whether Justin Bieber agrees with this statement, but I suppose that he does, because of being too young, rich and surrounded by people of art.

Among artists (in wide sense of the word,  i. e. including musicians and singers) a belief is widespread that narcotics and alcohol contribute to creativity of a man. It is only fair to say that there is a small part of truth in this belief, but very very small one. How then creativity rises after use of a narcotic or alcohol? The reason is that there are six stages of narcotic intoxication (alcohol is a narcotic too) from which the first three, euphoria, excitement and confusion are relatively favorable for creativeness since nervous system becomes more aroused than in a normal situation. Arousal of nervous system contributes to faster activity of those brain parts that are related to creative abilities, in particular to imagination and emotions. But there is one limitation. In such a way narcotics affect only a relatively healthy person whose addiction has not yet damaged important parts of nervous system. What do I mean? There are three forms of response to a narcotic dose: euphoric, stimulating, supporting. 

The first form, euphoric, means that after a dose the person becomes happier, the mood and ability to work rise, body organs and nervous system have not been damaged yet, but addiction already develops. This form of response is typical for the first stage of narcomania or alcoholism and for not addicted persons.

The second form, stimulating one, means that the person has been quite strongly addicted, all time he/she feels uncomfortably and only taking a dose makes this person feel well. At this stage heavy hangovers arise regularly.

The third form of response, supporting or toning up one, means that all the "sober" time a person not only feels uncomfortable, but also has many heavy physiological disorders, such as tremor, depression, etc. and only taking a dose returns this person to normality, both mentally and physically.

As you can see, only first form of response to a drug dose, euphoric one, can make stronger creativeness since a person rises above his/her normal level of nervous activity. Other two forms of response only return persons from a bottom to a normal level of their creative abilities.

Many artists who start using drugs think that euphoric state after dose will take place every time they take such dose, but it is not correct. Human body gets accustomed to a specific drug and specific dose and gradually the first form of response turns into second form. Trying to return the first form of response and stimulate in this way own creativeness the person increases the dose or changes the drug type. Sometimes the creative output can be raised in this way, but it leads to a deadlock because with the lapse of time the person has permanently to increase dosage only to remain on his/her normal level. But this, normal, level of creativeness is being considered as higher level. Of course it is an illusion. At a moment the drug dosage becomes very high and intolerable by the body. Nevertheless such dosage does not provide return even to a normal level of physiological comfort, to say nothing of creativeness. The addicted artist takes such dose trying to get former feeling. He takes it and dies. Overdosage.

Such was the destiny of Marilyn Monroe, Brittany Murphy, John Belushi and others. Justin, do not repeat their folly, give up the drugs!

Alcoholism and Marriage

Alcohol abuse by both spouses is not a rare thing in today’s world regardless of the country. There are two ways for marital alcoholism to come into being:

1. A man and a woman both have alcohol dependence and enter into a marriage;

2. Alcohol dependence develops in marriage.

There are several models of the family in which both spouses suffer from alcoholism:

       1. Sociopathic model. It is characterized by gross change of social roles. Members of the family are characterized by an early mutual alcoholism, psychopathic form of response (hysteric women and explosive men), rapid changes in the stages of intoxication, by the desire for group forms of alcohol consumption. As a rule the alcoholic dependence of spouses is inherited form their parents and is fixed on a mental level. In five to ten years of alcohol abuse these families get problems in family and work activities, spouses cease to cope with economic and educational functions. In worst cases the family turns into an alcoholic den. In this case, the spouses explain why they drink as follows: "we drink for courage," "because we have nothing to do", "to make life brighter", "life is boring"etc. Drinking alcohol is being disguised with "parties" with people of their own kind.

      2. Neurotic model. This family is characterized by a combination of neurotic types of relationships and alcoholism. If family problems have been developed before alcohol abuse then alcohol is used by both parties together to relieve stress, to find a common language or improve interpersonal relations. If interpersonal difficulties are secondary, as a result of drinking of one spouse, the other begins to drink out of desperation, out of spite, etc., that is just for personal reasons.

      3. Oligophrenic-like model. This kind of family is characterized by underdevelopment of the couple virtually in all spheres of life. They are united by a low level of education, low social status and spiritual and moral development. In such families, the use of alcohol is based on alcoholic traditions of society. As a rule the members of this type of family have a slight social maladjustment, spouses usually work in low-skilled jobs.

Addicted spouses try to justify the fact that they drink with excuses like: "it is the custom", “if I don't drink, they'll think I'm a snob”, "to honor the person who offers a drink," “it's rude to refuse”, "everybody else drinks, so why shouldn’t we?", "for the appetite" etc. The members of this type of family don’t think about harmful effects of alcoholism. Moreover, I must say that they just do not know about these effects. Even seeing a death occurred as a result of alcohol abuse, the death of a friend or family member, they consider that alcohol is not to blame, but the lack of alcohol to cure a hangover.

Marital alcoholism is a major problem. Addiction in familial form of alcoholism complicates diseases of each spouse, inflicting great harm not only to the drinkers, but also to children who grow up in an atmosphere of distress and get neurotic and psychopathic traits which will be a breeding ground for the development of alcoholism in the future.

In addition to adverse effects on children growing up next to their addicted parents, marital alcoholism destroys all spheres of the couple. The health, both physical and mental, becomes worse. Sexual disharmony grows.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Take Care of Perverts! They are So Funny!

 From an anonymous girl.

I am a 22-years old girl quite pretty and quite clever, brunette.  When I was a little girl about 10 years old I often had a walk with my friends in the neighboring park. A couple of times we met there flashers (exhibitionists), such typical guys having a cloak over a naked body and masturbating with right hand. What do you think – were we shocked or frightened? Quite the contrary, we had great fun! Instead of escaping from the flashers the entire our band ran after them screaming, yelling silly questions and stupidly laughing. Poor perverts were so uncomfortable that they did not know where to go and took their heels at full speed! Now I feel even some sort of sorry for them :) .

Friday, January 4, 2013

Potential Substitutes for Viagra

Surfing on Internet I have found a 4-year old article about wonderful properties of an ordinary watermelon. You can read this article on this page - .  In a nutshell this article tells that a watermelon contains a specific substance called citrulline whose effect is similar to Viagra’s action. Remembering about “herbal” Viagra and about many other medicines to improve men’s erection I have thought that there must be much cheaper remedies to heal impotence (or to raise existing sexual power)  than notorious “blue diamond”.

Why do I think so? Because from the medical point of view sildenafil citrate (the agent of Viagra, Revatio and of other brand name medicines) is just a relaxant of smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is responsible for contractility of blood vessels, including veins and corpora cavernosa in penis. When smooth muscle in veins has been relaxed then the veins are full with blood and increase in volume. Man’s penis is not a muscular organ as many people think, but a venous sponge which swells when veins in it are full of blood and which sinks in when blood leaves its veins. Additional volume of blood to fill dilated veins in penis appears due to more intensive work of heart that has been stimulated by sexual arousal of nervous system. The more veins and corpora cavernosa have been dilated the more blood they can take and since the more voluminous penis can a man get.

Penis veins  can be widen by  the same  medicines  which dilate veins in other part of man’s body, for example by nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate (some trade names are Imdur, Monosorb, Chemydur),isosorbide dinitrate (most popular trade name is Dilatrate), pentaerithrityl tetranitrate (one of brand medicines is Lentonitrat) etc. Why then doctors do not prescribe such medicines to persons who suffer erectile dysfunction?

     In the first place because these medicines (nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate etc.) were not clinically tested to cure erectile dysfunction and nobody knows the necessary dosage and possible side effects.

     In the second place because these medicines have been used for a long time to treat heart diseases but cardiologists have nothing to do with sexual problems. That is defect of modern professional specialization.

     In the third place because patents for these medicines are void and nobody will invest in researches how to treat sexual disorders with these remedies because such an investor hardly can return invested capitals without patent protection.

     In the fourth place because sildenafil is relatively selective drug and touches with its effect initially small pelvis organs including penis and pulmonary vessels. Much later when its concentration in blood falls sildenafil exerts a general impact on the human body. This general impact reveals itselflf in a decrease of mean arterial pressure. Trials with healthy volunteers showed that such decrease is 8.4 mmHg (millimeters of mercury column) when dosage was 100 mg. Many side effects of Viagra have been caused exactly by its property to reduce blood pressure in whole body. Among such side effects are for example headache, flushing, hypotension etc.

So cheap, old and reliable medicines are not used to cure men’s impotence, but we have been surrounded by ads urging us to buy an expensive Pfizer’s product.