Friday, December 7, 2012

Virtual Sex Technique

From an anonymous girl

I want to see a guy in my erotic night dreams. To obtain it, every night I watch porn (not masturbating) and then look at his photo for a few minutes. Though I can’t drop off to sleep for a longer time, but it works! When at last I fall asleep – I see him making sex with me! But he did not know what my sex life with him is. And I'm afraid that if this happens in real life, it will be much worse  than in my dreams.

How a Girl Tries to Attract a Guy

From an anonymous girl

I am a girl, but I am studying  at a technical college and I am good with computers and software. About once a month I intentionally "mutilate" the system files on my computer to have an occasion to invite a friend IT specialist who would fix it. I lie to him that I am studying pedagogics  and don’t understand anything about personal computers. I like him so much, but it seems I am in a deep friend zone for him.