Saturday, December 15, 2012

How much antibiotics does milk contain?

Modern agriculture uses great number of substances that we hardly can call "natural". Manufacturers make them from nonliving materials. This means that these agricultural substances are artificial. In everyday life we contact with a great number of artificial stuff - our cars are made of synthetic materials; our furniture is made of artificial stuff and so on. Practically everything from our urban environment is inedible and at the same time is produced by man. Any inedible thing that enters into our body shall hurt it. This is the eternal experience of preceding generations. Due to this "inborn" experience we are afraid of any unnatural stuff that could get into our stomach with the eaten food.

Antibiotics are artificial substances too. Even if an antibiotic is made of a natural stuff, let’s say is made of a vegetable we take it as an artificial substance and treat it as a potentially harmful thing. And such treatment of an antibiotic is quite right since any overdosed medication can become a poison instead of life-saving remedy.

Many people think that the milk sold in modern shops is full of antibiotics. Why they think so? Because the milk in modern packs does not sour. People think this fact is due to antibiotics which kill specific bacteria (lactobacilli) in the milk, but these bacteria are exactly the germs that make milk sour.

Due to the vast experience of communication with doctors and frequent cases of infectious diseases almost everybody knows that antibiotics kill microbes. But all microbes, not the pathogenic ones. That's why antibiotics in a healthy organism can harm it since will kill healthy cells.

But milk sours because of being sterilized or pasteurized and not because of being full of antibiotics. And I must say that even sterilized or pasteurized milk sours even if it is in a refrigerator, but at a much slow rate compared to the fresh milk. Pasteurized milk sours at greater rate than sterilized milk because sterilization kills all germs in milk, but pasteurization only the greatest part of them.

So shop milk does not contain artificial antibiotics because they are useless in the milk. Milk preservation is obtained by the most "natural" antibiotic - by high temperature.

And still milk may show traces of antibiotics in it. Cows are biological organisms similar to human and suffer various infections. These infections should be suppressed with antibiotics. Or you would prefer drink milk replete with harmful germs instead of hardly traceable amounts of antibiotics?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Virtual Sex Technique

From an anonymous girl

I want to see a guy in my erotic night dreams. To obtain it, every night I watch porn (not masturbating) and then look at his photo for a few minutes. Though I can’t drop off to sleep for a longer time, but it works! When at last I fall asleep – I see him making sex with me! But he did not know what my sex life with him is. And I'm afraid that if this happens in real life, it will be much worse  than in my dreams.

How a Girl Tries to Attract a Guy

From an anonymous girl

I am a girl, but I am studying  at a technical college and I am good with computers and software. About once a month I intentionally "mutilate" the system files on my computer to have an occasion to invite a friend IT specialist who would fix it. I lie to him that I am studying pedagogics  and don’t understand anything about personal computers. I like him so much, but it seems I am in a deep friend zone for him.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oddites of Love

From an anonymous girl

My guy often says that sinks into my eyes. I hardly can stifle my laughter at such romantic moment. It's because my eyes are brown and I am vibrating with all my body when imagine the brown substance into which my guy sinks. But he thinks that my body trembles with the crush caused by his words. I don't change his mind.

Example of Sexual Fantasy

Written by an anonymous girl

I am a religious girl, but like much to masturbate, because I want to get orgasm, but cannot have sex without marriage. At the same time I am very scared that Jesus comes to me "just at that moment" and tells that I am sinner and will go right to the hell! When I start thinking about it I cum immediately.

Chuck's Serenity

 Another Fact about Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris decided to retire and became a Buddhist. For many years he has lived in a vihara and in that time has trained many disciples and has found great wisdom. Brethren in faith forgot that Chuck is none other than Horror of Universe and called him just Great Sage. So year passed after year and one day to the monastery, where Chuck was living  his worst and oldest enemy arrived, whose name no one knew, even Chuck himself. The enemy saw how humble was Chuck and began to tease, bully, miscall him in every way to provoke a fight. But Chuck Norris remained motionless and  silent, all deep in thought. Finally, the enemy could not stand and cried in a fit of temper:

- Chuck, is that you? You won't lay even a finger on me?

And the Great Sage replied:

- Even my breath won't touch you - my disciples will bash you up.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Guy: - I love you!
Girl: - Great.
Guy: - And you?
Girl: - And I am great too!

What a cardiologist thinks

Girl: - Do you have a girl?
Guy: - No, wanna become my girl?
Girl: - Everything's possible...
Guy: - Certainly, everything.
Girl: - That's well. But is your heart occupied?
Guy: - Of course, it is occupied with my blood.

Abiotic Transformation

I've dropped my fried chicken on my notebook. Now instead of MacBook I have McChicken.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Turtle Obstetrician

Guy: - Wanna take a walk with me?
Girl: - I'm sorry, I have a turtle giving birth, I cannot leave it.
Guy: - Am I so ugly?
Girl:  - Yes