Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to buy drugs online in a reasonable way? Part 5

And my last recommendation. It concerns with whose drugs to buy. By “whose” I mean “what manufacturer”. You should buy the drugs of the major manufacturers, regardless of what country from they are. It is determined by the fact that only big factories can guarantee process and production discipline as well as quality standards for drugs. Major manufacturers cannot be illegal; they cannot operate in the underground. So they are controlled by government and its agencies that practically eliminates cases of production of bad drugs. Quality and security standards for drugs in many countries are very close to each other. For example Indian standards are now very close, practically identical to standards of US FDA that makes Indian generic drugs 99 per cent compliant with US drug market. Chinese pharmaceutical industry is restructuring itself in direction of compliance with North American standards, but has not still succeeded such as Indian manufacturers have. So the most safe and cheap way is to buy Indian generic drugs. Therefore pay attention if the specific online pharmacy sells drugs of Indian manufacturers. Other pharmaceutical companies also may produce good and cheap generic drugs, but they still have not got the reputation the Indian pharmaceutical companies have.

In the end let’s sum up tips about buying drugs online:

1.You have to visit doctor in order to know what drug (drugs) you need. Formal prescription is not necessary if you won’t pay for the drug at the expense of health insurance program.

2.You compare prices in several offline and online pharmacies and choose the one best for you. You should look not only for the exactly same drug the doctor prescribed or recommended, but also for generic versions of this drug, i.e. you have to search for drugs which contain the same active ingredient as the drug
prescribed to you does. Usually you choose the lowest price.

3.Consult the staff of the online pharmacy about delivery and refund terms as well as about contacts in the case of disappearance of this pharmacy domain name from Internet.

4.If you have found discount codes or coupons – use them.

5.If you are not quite sure of the pharmacy, for example you are buying here for the first time, buy the cheapest dosage and pay by bank card, not by wire or postal transfer.

6.If you are sure of the pharmacy, buy the biggest doses of the necessary drug because they have the cheapest unit of active ingredient. Use pill splitter tomake doses you want.

7.Buy drugs produced by known major manufacturers even if they are not licensed in your country. Usually those are Indian pharmaceutical companies. Part 4

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to buy drugs online in a reasonable way? Part 4

Most online pharmacies have contact forms, emails or phone numbers to contact them. Before buying, ask them if they deliver ordered drugs to your location since sometimes there can be customs problems, though the problems are quite rare since customs authorities have been overloaded with work and have not enough resources to check thousands of small parcels that contain drugs from online drugstores. For example, though US federal laws prohibit importation of prescription drugs by individuals, at the same time the laws have clauses that limit enforcement of the prohibition to the cases that occur seldom in reality. Also ask the online pharmacy staff or contact person where you can address if the domain name to which the online pharmacy has been delegated will disappear from Internet or will be blocked by some kind of “web authorities”. You’ll get a phone number, email or, maybe, another domain name. I have already mentioned that most online pharmacies belong to a few affiliate programs. Essentially a lot of domain names just belong to a single organization, I would say to a single wholesale drug store or drug depot from which individual webmasters get sale information for their websites. All other questions, including communication with customers, billing and delivery of orders have been managed by a central service which disappears nowhere and you always can contact this service if the domain name where you paid and ordered a drug is blocked or disappeared from Internet. Usually you have not anything to worry about if you had paid for a drug online. No matter what happens to domain where you have made and paid a drug order, you will get your order in time due to existence of the mentioned central service which is independent of the specific domain name. Domain names which have pharmacy on them are often blocked since webmasters use such methods of promotion like “spam” or just because of “non-licensed” status of the pharmacy in concrete country. Struggle against such domains is usually waged by kind of non-commercial agencies, for example or, though any of such agencies has its own benefit from the struggle and so their information has to be perceived with a grain of skepticism. Part 5 Part 3

Monday, June 13, 2011

How to buy drugs online in a reasonable way? Part 3

For a common consumer it is important to know that unlicensed pharmacies sell drugs at much lower prices than licensed. And that is their main trait that attracts customers.

Buying online, even from an unlicensed drugstore is quite safe, but nevertheless you have to take some safety measures when you a buying at an online pharmacy for the first time. Since there are many drugstores on Internet you have to compare several of them in order to choose the pharmacy with the lowest price that can be paid by credit or debit card. I have to say that paying by a bank card is very important for the first purchase. There is always a risk that you won’t get the ordered drug and if you have paid by a bank card then it is much more easy to get your money refunded as compared to buying by a post or wire transfer, for example by Western Union. If you have received the first purchase then you can use any other method of paying including Western Union or similar service – the pharmacy will not deceive you.

If you are planning to buy drugs from a specific online drugstore on a regular basis, then in addition to paying by a bank card you have to order the cheapest dose of the drug with you very first order at this pharmacy. Although the cheapest dose of a drug is not very good since you pay more for the unit of active ingredient, such purchase is necessary to check the supply security of the online pharmacy. After you have received your cheapest order and have verified in this way the pharmacy, you have to buy drugs in highest dose since in this way you’ll get the unit of active ingredients at minimal price. Then you can divide pills with pill splitter which costs less 10 dollars. Powder and liquid drugs can be divided with help of graduated cups which also cost a couple dollars. Injections of course have to be bought in precise dose you need since opened ampoules must be used at once. Pills in the form of gelatin capsules with medicinal powder inside cannot be divided with pill splitter. In this case you have to open the capsule and weigh the powder from it on pharmaceutical scales which allow weighing of milligram (0.001 gram) loads. Electronic pharmaceutical scales cost about several hundred dollars, some models cost up to 2,000 dollars, home use or portable models have price within 100-200 dollars. Mechanical apothecary scales are now obsolete and have not been produced as far as I know. Vintage apothecary scales can be bought on eBay and from collectors quite cheaply sometimes for 20-30 dollars, but you have not to use them since the readability of these scales is damaged due to considerable age. Sometimes you can also find discount codes for a specific online pharmacy that lessen even more your expenses. Usually such codes or coupons are distributed on forums, blogs and by other ways for advertising purposes. Since most online pharmacies are parts of several affiliate networks you can ask discount coupon from webmaster who owns the specific pharmacy domain. In order to contact this webmaster you have to find his email through WHOIS service, for example here - Sometimes you can agree with this webmaster to lower price for your order since the webmaster has right to adjust prices within some limits. Part 4 Part 2

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to buy drugs online in a reasonable way? Part 2

So, you have visited a doctor and now you know the drug or drugs you need to buy. If you are too sick you shall not spend time to look the drug on Internet. Buy the drug in the near drugstore and take it immediately. There is no time to be lost!

If time is not pressing, then you have time to surf on Internet to buy cheaper drug. This is reasonable, of course, unless the price of necessary drug is fully or partially covered by your health insurance policy. You can find an Internet pharmacy that sells drugs at prices adjusted to health insurance conditions, but usually you will not have any advantage of buying online as compared with buying from a normal drugstore, made from bricks and mortar. You will not even spare much time.

But if you pay full price for the drug, it makes sense to buy online and then from a so-called “unlicensed” pharmacy. What does it mean, “unlicensed”? It just means that the pharmacy does not have an official permit to sell drugs in a specific country or area. The permit has to be issued by an authority of corresponding country or area. That means that in order to be licensed in two, three etc. countries a pharmacy should have two, three etc. licenses. So, if a pharmacy has only one license, let’s say in Germany, that means that in Albania this pharmacy is unlicensed. In USA pharmacies have been licensed by state authorities, but not by the federal government. So a licensed pharmacy in Alabama is unlicensed in, let’s say, in California.

Most of online pharmacies have been incorporated in only one country, so they have a pharmaceutical license for this country. In all other countries such a pharmacy will be considered as unlicensed. This is very obvious with the web-site which keeps a data base of online pharmacies tagging them with labels “legitimate” or “rogue”. The main criterion for tagging is if a pharmacy has or does not have a license issued by US authorities. If an online pharmacy does not have such a license then licenses of other countries with this pharmacy cannot help to avoid tagging it as a rogue drugstore by the mentioned online service. So the most of “rogue” pharmacies in the data base of this site just have a non-American license, but are not “criminal groups” as the word “rogue” implies. Part 1 Part 3