Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to buy drugs online in a reasonable way? Part 1

How to buy drugs online with zero risk? Is it reasonable to buy online as compared with normal drugstores? Does “unlicensed” equal “illegal”? Should I consult a doctor or I may buy online on my own? These and many other questions have been asked in many Internet forums, social groups and other places of the global web.

I’ll try to describe as minutely as I can the main aspects of online shopping where medicaments are concerned.

First of all, before buying a drug, both off line and on line, you have to know your illness, your precise diagnosis. So you have to consult a doctor, unless you have already done it. Unfortunately you will pay to the doctor for the medical consultation, unless it is covered by medical insurance. You have to take an advice from a doctor anyway; otherwise you will not be able to buy an appropriate drug. After medical consultation you will get a formal prescription for a specific drug or just recommendations to take one or another drug if that drug does not require writing a prescription. You can do without doctor only in cases of slight ailments, which can clear up of their own accord and medications just shorten the time of recovery. If you have a chronic or long-lasting disease, are taking the same medicines month after month or year after year and pay full price for them you can also manage without visiting doctor because you know what drug is necessary for you. Some online pharmacies offer distant diagnosticating with questionnaires that you have to fill up and send over special form on the pharmacy’s web site. Sometimes such diagnosing is free, sometimes the online pharmacy takes a fee for making your diagnosis with this kind of questionnaires. Will you pay or not depends on the specific site you have visited. On the one hand such distant diagnosing helps to save money on doctor, but on the other hand a single questionnaire is not enough to make precise diagnosis of your disease. In some countries distant diagnosing is fully legal and is the basis to dispense prescription drugs. So you even don’t need a prescription from your doctor to buy a prescription drug. In any way I would recommend you visit a common doctor, not an Internet adviser since you can be in need of undergoing medical tests along with talking to the doctor. But the test results are very important to prescribe the right drug. You also have to take into consideration that any online pharmacy aims at sales, not at your health, so distant diagnostics may be pure promotional trick and nobody reads the filled questionnaires. It was partially confirmed in some way by journalists that made a research. They filled in a questionnaire at an online pharmacy intentionally indicating some symptoms that made a contraindication for the drug the journalists wished to buy. They did not receive any warning or advice in this connection and bought the drug without let or hindrance. So I recommend you not to trust much in online health questionnaires and by no means to pay for such kind of distant diagnostics if it is affiliated with an online pharmacy. Part 2