Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soviet Russia Paradox

Surfing on Internet I found (not for the first time) an article of a success coach which included a paragraph or two describing the benefit of breaking rules. I am pretty tired of similar maxims, though they have a grain of truth in them. At this time I recalled to my mind an old joke: “In Soviet Russia you don’t break rules, the rules break you!”.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Samples of Indian Generics. Part 2

I promised I would post some pictures of Indian generic drugs. The amount of different generic drugs is huge and I have to confine myself with specific drugs. I chose medications to cure erectile dysfunction as being very popular among online shoppers.

1. Caverta from Ranbaxy (the company web-site - )

2. Silagra from Cipla (the company web-site - )

3. Kamagra (kamasutra plus Viagra) from Ajanta Pharma (the company web-site - )

4. Kamagra Soft Tabs from Ajanta Pharma

Soft Tabs are not swallowed, but placed under the tongue. There they are dissolved. The main advantage of Soft Tabs as compared with common pills is that the drug is absorbed through the oral mucosa directly into the blood and so the active ingredient takes its effect slightly faster than the tablets administered through the gastrointestinal tract. The similar effect, i. e. faster absorption can be achieved with chewing of a common (not soft) pill till sand-like or powder-like condition. Faster drug absorption is thus certainly possible, but is rarely observed. So, the acceleration effect as compared with normal tablets is not too evident, though it exists.

5. Kamagra Oral Jelly from Ajanta Pharma

Kamagra Oral Jelly is a gel mostly with mint or orange flavor, which is sold in small bags, sachets, each containing 100mg. Other flavors (vanilla, strawberry and so on) occur too. These bags can then be sucked or chewed. In this way the jelly is taken. Oral Jelly usually is offered for slightly higher price than common tablets and is supposed to take quicker effect due to oral absorption, just like in the case of Kamagra Soft Tabs. The effect of speed has been observed, but it is not too explicit. I would say that the speed effect is lower than with soft tabs since the gel is mixed with saliva much faster than the sublingual soft tabs and saliva has been swallowed quite often and quickly. So the time in the mouth without swallowing is not too significant. It is possible that a few milligrams are absorbed rapidly through the oral mucosa, without walking through the gastrointestinal tract, but all the other amount of gel falls into the stomach with saliva. So the quick absorption effect can be ignored in practice, though oral jelly can be an additional esthetic element of sexual plays due to its pleasant flavor . The durability of the gel is shorter than that of the tablets, and if you do not need the full 100mg drug, you must close tightly the opened sachet and keep it sealed in the refrigerator until next time you need it.

There are also effective Indian generic copies of Cialis:

1. Forzest from Ranbaxy

2. Apcalis / Tadalis from Ajanta Pharma

There is no difference between Apcalis and Tadalis except the label on the pill. Apcalis pills with Tadalafil content of 20mg have been marked with "A20" and Tadalis Pills accordingly with "T20". Apcalis was the former name for Ajantas Cialis generic. Apcalis was then renamed Tadalis. Some years ago pills marked Apcalis could be found extremely rarely and you should not buy them at that time since these were mostly pills with expired or nearly expired term of storing. In the present time marking pills with Apcalis brand has been resumed and buying this brand is fully safe.

3. Megalis von MacLeods Pharmaceuticals (the company web-site - - strictly with www)

All the above mentioned generics of Indian manufacturers can be trusted in any case. All they work just like the original.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Samples of Indian Generics. Part 1

I hope you have got from my previous posts that India is one of the largest if not the largest manufacturers of generic copies of world-known brand drugs, both with expired patent and still legally protected ones. A lot of men in US and Europe, as well as in other countries have been preoccupied with their success at women. Of course the second main factor (after man’s wealth) of the success is the male sexual vigor the key component of which is penis erection. It must be said that the sexual health, including duration and toughness of erection depends 95% on general health condition of a specific man. Very often erection problems have been caused by psychological problems and not by an organic lesion of the body. So, in order to be sexually strong a male has to be strong and healthy in general, including his mind. Young people usually do not have big problems with their health, so they are sexually active and confident. These guys seldom cannot please a woman in bed. Elder generation of males has to make efforts to maintain own health at a good level. Unfortunately these efforts are not tiny, even not small. Health-supporting efforts are quite big, tiring and boring. But bad health makes problems with erection and sexual life. Sex is one of the best sides of human life and nobody wishes to give it up no matter how ill he is. So most of men choose special drugs to help their sexual life. The first and most popular from these drugs is Viagra by Pfizer company. By the way, in Spanish the word “vagra”, very similar to “viagra”, means “a girder”, so Spanish and Latin men who takes viagra I think can imagine their erected penis like strong steel girder that can support any sexual load.

But let’s get back to our subject, that is to Indian generics. Now then the price difference between brand viagra and its generic counterpart can come up to nine or ten times, naturally the brand being more expensive. The same can be said about other erection pills (erectile dysfunction medications in scientific language). So, Indian copies of such drugs are much cheaper, having the same positive effect on erection as the brand ones.

There are three most large pharmaceutical companies in India whose products are well known both on Indian domestic and international markets. These companies are Ranbaxy, Cipla, Ajanta Pharma. Other smaller companies that produce Viagra generics are Sun Pharmaceuticals, Zydus Cadila, Unichem, Torrent Pharma, Okasa Specialities. The generic names are different as well as their packs and external appearance. In the next part I’ll post some pictures of these drugs if I found them on Internet.