Thursday, March 17, 2011

Combatting Cold

Anyone gets cold two times a year at least, in fall and in spring. There are two main kinds of chill - acute respiratory diseases (ARD) and herpes (cold sore). Acute respiratory diseases include flu (influenza), sore throat (angina) and some other more or less weak infections (sinusitis, tonsillitis and so on) . All the cold diseases occur in two steps. Firstly human body is chilled and this causes weakening of our immune system. The weakened body is exposed to a virus attack. The worst of this is that you can catch several different viruses at once. That is you can have flu, angina and herpes at the same time.

Sore throat is the inflammation and reedness on back of the throat. Usually it occurs after local cooling of throat. Even during a hot season - in summer, spring or early fall. The cooling can be caused by drinking cold water or other cold beverage, by washing with cold shower or just by a puff of a wind. Of course more often occurs when a person already has a fever or a flu attack.

Cold sore, known also as fever blisters or "herpes labialis" in Latin, represent small bubbles on lips, filled with a clear liquid. These bubbles are quite painful and itchy. Blisters can form also in other body ares, mainly on the face - cheeks, nose, ears and so on.

Flu (grippe, influenza) is a contagious infection which is characterized by high temperature, headach, cough and by runny or stuffy nose. Very often flu is accompanied by sore throat and therefore cannot be easily distinguished from it or from other cold infections. The main danger of flu is its after desease complication such as pneumonia, polyneuritis, radiculitis and other.

How to cure?

As I have written in the beginning, the main cause of described deseased is immunity weakening due to the cooling of the body. So the first step of the treatment is body warming. In hot seasons, when body cooling is casual, the nature itself warms your body and no special techniques needed.

But if the temperature outdoors is low then you have to warm your body with other means. Most common and available is the hot bath for whole body. It is very effective mean, but cannot be recommended for elderly people and for persons with weak heart. The water in such bath must be as hot as you can stand for 15-20 minutes - this is just the time you have to stay in the bath.

Those, who cannot bear whole body bath can use feet bath or hand bath. They are effective too and are more suitable for heart sufferers and aged persons. In general you can use any other method to warm your body including electrical blankets, heaters and other stuff.

Warming of the body raises its temperature and makes two things: 1) strengthen immunity, 2) kills the germs, since they cannot live with the temperature higher than the normal temperature of human body. By the way, this is the treating effect of natural fever, but the fever cannot always raise your temperature high, but for a short time and so the duration of heavy fever can cause worse cosequences than desease itself.

And what about medicines? There are many good and effective remedies, that help you to get rid of the cold infections. But remember, just help. The only fighter against infection is your immune system. You have to strengthen it befor, during and after desease. Pills help to combat unpleasant symptoms, for example itchiness, running or stuffed nose, high temperature, headache. This will improve your feeling and therefore you will can control your treatment till recovery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Genital Warts

Hard case of genital warts (condylomae)
Sexual contact and sexual intercourse are among the major reasons for the body to be contacted with genital warts. This desease is caused by the human papilloma virus or HPV. The closest "relative" of genital warts is genital herpes (GH), caused by herpes simplex virus. Both infection are disorders produced by virus infection instead of the common bacterial infections. These viruses are usually transmitted by sexual contact. They are very widespread illnesses nowadays. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HPV is an infection that often goes undetected because of a lack of noticeable symptoms.

HPV is transmitted through vaginal, anal, and oral sex and can be transmitted by skin-to-skin genital contact or rubbing, even if one of the skin surfaces is not on genitalia. So papilloma can appear on any spot. Although genital HPV types are sometimes transmitted from mother to child during birth, the appearance of genital HPV-related diseases in newborn babies is rare. Intrauterine (through the womb) or perinatally transmitted STDs can have severely debilitating effects on pregnant women, their partners, and their fetuses. It concerns genital papilloma as well as genital herpes. Genital warts disease is directly related to cervical cancer. Symptoms of both infections can be a cause for great distress.

Sexually active persons can lower their chances of getting HPV or GH by limiting their number of partners. Symptoms can differ from person to person in every way.

Genital warts may disappear without treatment, but sometimes eventually develop a fleshy, small raised growth. Genital warts remover is considered best option to control warts and lessen their impact.

Treatment depends on the size and location of the warts. Treatment regimens are classified into patient-applied and provider-applied modalities. Treatment options for genital warts are numerous, well established, and effective. Treatment must be individualized. The dosing varies according to the condition and to the patient response. Genital wart treatment is simple if you understand the virus that causes warts. Genital wart treatments are known in the prior art. Genital wart removal largely depends on two things. One is good medication and the second the immunity a person has. Usualyy genital wart treatment is undertaken by injecting minute doses of Bleomycin directly into the wart or with imiquimod and podophyllin. Home remedies must be used regularly for satisfactory results. Genital wart removal can also be done by laser or other surgical technique for extensive or recurring circumstances. Treatment failure can occur with any regimen, but it is rare and is fully overcome by prolonged therapy.

Sexually active persons (both partners) have to do annual testing until normal three times a year in succession, then less frequently at doctor's discretion. Sexually active women who are not at risk for pregnancy might incorrectly perceive themselves to be at no risk for HPV and other STDs, that is why they have more often to indergo medical control. Sexually active adolescents are at risk, independent if they are using contraception or not. This is due to their lifestyle character.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vitamins in our Life

Vitamins can be water-soluble or fat-soluble. It that cause harm or no benefit are probably what we would call “junk” vitamins. It are essential nutrients found in foods. It are natural substances found in plants and animals and known as Essential nutrients for human beings. Vitamins are produced by different plants and animals as well as by the human body. Nevertheless many vitamins are needed in small amounts for the human body.

Any vitamin is an organic substance that is critical for the proper growth and functioning of a man or a woman. Vitamins are absolutely necessary to ensure proper development and potential of the mind and the body. They are supposed to help the body to grow and work in the right direction. Vitamins are also known as the nutrients required for regulating metabolism, which includes hundreds of chemical reactions taking place within our body. Vitamins are necessary for literally tens of thousands of different organic transformations in the body.

Vitamins are the indispensable organic substances required for the body to perform various vital functions and to maintain life. Many vitamins cannot be utilized by the body unless other specic minerals or vitamins are present. Vitamins are organic molecules that function in a wide variety of capacities within the body. They are broken down to provide energy for the body. Or rather I would say "help to provide energy for the body", since they are not "body energizers" but catalysts for them. Vitamins are generally prescribed to people who are sleepy and lacking in energy, and can come in handy for overweight persons, though obesity more requires fitness and correct dieting.

If your diet is balanced, then vitamins are the best source of energy. You can find them everywhere - in markets, drugstores, vitamin shops, and on the internet. In a way they resemble cosmetics - too much fuss, but not much stuff. They are an important part of our everyday life. Vitamins are crucial life forces that keep us going through the day-to-day life with vigor.

Vitamins can improve the quality not only of your life, but also of your pets' life. A great advantage of vitammins is that they cannot be patented, so drug and supplement companies have no means to raise prices in producing quality, unpatentable, whole food products which the vitamins are. Therefore vitamins remain most common food supplement taken by the general population and by athletes. But vitamins are specific. They cannot be taken without any control, though overdosage is rather safe for your health. Nevertheless you have to find out what vitamin (or mineral) you are deficient in and take them after your meal with whole foods. In this connection one of contemporary problems with vitamins is the production and marketing of multi-vitamins. They are balanced and easy-to-use, but their multicomponent structure may cause an overdosage of one vitamin when you are trying to overcome deficiency of another vitamin. In such cases you may feel sick and be vomiting.